One has the option to reliably fire greatly varying bullet weights and pressure loadings in the same revolver, from the target wadcutter to the so-called “Treasury Load,” which was a Winchester 110gr +P+ jacketed hollow point round. She carries it open and backs it up with a concealed Colt Mustang 380. Every company has their own manufacturer that does things their own way, which results in a number of different name brands and ammo lines to choose from. Although if you stretch the .38’s barrel out to 4″, then it’s more comparable with a 9mm from a pocket pistol. Or do you just use “Kentucky windage” past 5 yards? Pick up my Mod 10 and it’s like I’ve been making regular rang trips. Featuring premium components, these 38 Special Ammunition is the ideal practice round for on and off the range. Furthermore, with the same cartridge length a bullet with a higher mass can be used. Even the hard core AR guys I shoot with go nuts over this gun; I was surprised. HSM has become known as one of the top ammunition manufacturers in the country. The Model 52 was tested before leaving the factory to be able to shoot five rounds into less than 2″ at 50 yards from a machine rest. For my heavier loads I go with either #2400 or IMR 4227. I kept the Marlin for a long while after the Ruger just because it was so nice looking, but I wised up & sold it. Gun people amuse me with this “fanboy” label. Jacketed bullets or lead? A really sweet, and overlooked, revolver is Ruger’s LCRX with adjustable sights and 3″ inch barrel. Chrono results and last word here. For centerfire target work, the .38 Special is the single best choice of cartridge. Any questions, please fire away. It just works. I don’t know about .38 special cycling in the Ruger, but the Ruger at least has a 5 round rotary magazine, so the rounds are held separately and parallel to each other with no contact whatsoever. Sign up for SASS and attend the meets in your area. So… net:net, you’d not have to adjust your sight all that much. GECO Full Metal Jacket Flat-Nose revolver cartridge ***revolver cartridge in .38 Special and .357 Magnum*** bullet with shoulder stabilization *** COOKIE USAGE ON THIS SITE. The round dominated LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols in the mid-1980s. One day in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Grandpa and Elmer were chewing the fat in the living room when all of a sudden Grandma started shooting at a rat right through the screen door in the kitchen with a .22 rifle. Bobo- a .380 bullet doesn't have a lot of "oomph" when it hits a BG, so the flat nose won't exactly stun him. She has several other pistols but that’s her preferred daily carry. Your comment, especially your choice of words “laugh off”, made me laugh! All four would suffice as a good back-up arm or even a primary carry arm so long as the shooter is willing to put in the practice with it. “I have shot rocks at 200-300 yards(not too hard if you practice).”. 38 Spl Semi wadcutter or also … The CCW market re-started the .38 snubby product lines, and the .38 has had a bit of a re-discovery. Not just the barrel length disparity mentioned in the adjacent post. Elmer Keith with poor finger discipline? Still, love the gun! round nose flat base, .357 diameter swaged lead ,packed in a choice of 250/box or 500/box. I’ve said again and again that I recommend used (eg, police turn-ins) S&W .38 revolvers for older people who want a gun in their home for home protection, but don’t have the money, time or physical ability to go to the range to become ninja operators with a semi-auto. Loaded weak even in most +p loadings. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. TTAG is always good for more info. One of the reasons why I make this recommendation is that the revolver requires little grip strength – there’s no slide to rack. They’re comparable or superior to the 9mm loadings. So it’s basically the revolver equivalent of a 9mm Luger, but under powered. It’s probably not a big enough deal to influence a purchase decision, but it is a something to be aware of. Another nicety is that lever guns are also readily available in .38/.357 as well. Developed in 1898, it was first chambered in the original “Military and Police” K-frame revolvers of S&W, the most produced revolver line in history. I currently carry 38 +p 125 Golden sabre. JHP, 125 gr. The advantage to the classic rimmed cartridges is that you can use a speed loader if you wish, or you can load manually, round by round. Today, there’s all manner of self-defense rounds with bullets in the 110 to 129gr range that give good penetration with lower recoil. And you should see what a .357 fired from a Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle will do, plus it feeds the .38’s as well. I decided to go with their .38 wad cutter instead. I really like the .38 SPL cartridge. As with any ammo type, where you get it affects its materials and how it’s made. She carries the Smith in a full length tan leather holster with a matching belt with tan belt speed loader holster for two speed loaders . Actually, the .38 is much more common today than the .44 Special. If you own only 9mm semi autos & want to add a revolver, then that makes sense also. It has a trigger that is one of the best ever put on any target handgun. Seems you are right about the dice roll; if my .357 lever gun would have worked I would have kept it; I really loved the gun but did not run correctly. These are our top five choices for .38 Special self-defense ammo. SWC, 160 gr. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type IMHO, the ability to articulate and basic reason for a preference is acceptable and respectable. At bedroom distances, the .38 Special will work fine. The .380 bullet will do its damage by penetrating as far as possible into the body, hopefully severing some vessels and/or major nerves along the way. A friend of mine just bought an S&W 64 (which is only rated .38 +P) because he wanted a three inch K-frame, which has become quite hard to find. The flat nose makes it easier to see exactly where your bullet penetrated a paper target, which makes for much easier scoring, as the hole is cleaner with less radial tearing. The only people who should get this label are people who are blindly loyal to a brand/caliber/action and can’t explain why. Also, I’d argue that the whole Spanish-American war wasn’t justified. It’s actually quite easy. Nothing but wheel guns and two guys shooting reloads in the desert. After all, it’s only been that way for one hundred seventeen years! It wasn’t authorized but we all did it. Seems like it wold be great for defense. I have owned a fair amount of firearms over the years. Reloading Glossary. The Model 52 can literally feed one empty case into the chamber after another without a hiccup or jam – so you can feed full wadcutters into the 52, seated flush with the case mouth. I wish now that I would have gone with the Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle, instead of the Henry .357 lever action rifle. Similarly, one can still find pretty solid deals of old police trade ins of guns which are .38 only. They’re pretty much identical but the .38 is heavier with superior bullet design to boot. Nope. Dang me if it wouldn’t be interesting to go back in time and ask him how often he had unintentional discharges. I love S&W revolvers. Some .38 is downloaded so it won’t blow historical guns. Sometimes the base of the bullet is left open, and other times it is also coated, resulting in a TMJ-type bullet with a flat nose. Powders include Winchester Yeah, the only reason I went with the .38 LCR is that it was available and a lot cheaper. Price: $16.59. Details.38 Match-Grooveless.358 Diameter.38 Special 158 Grain SWC - Grooveless Brinell 12 For Target Velocities Hi-Tek 2-Extreme Coating Price per box of … Developed specifically for cowboy action shooting enthusiasts, these flat nose lead bullets are designed and manufactured to assure superior accuracy, knockdown power for steel plates, and to provide trouble free function in single action revolvers and lever action rifles. Entspricht der 38 special geco der Qualitätsstufe, die Sie als Käufer für diesen Preis erwarten können? Ruger is working on bringing this gun out in an 8 shot .22 LR, which should sell like hotcakes. My wife does not like much recoil & the Magtechs are surprisingly easy on recoil but the way it blows the jugs is impressive & the recovered slugs show perfect expansion; so do the Remingtons. I have shot rocks at 200-300 yards(not too hard if you practice). Allows me to handle any mix of 38 and 357 I might want including a 180gr round nose from a 35 Remington onto the magnum or maximum. I admit that I am not that regular about cleaning, but I have not had an issue with the Ruger SP101’s or GP100 with cases sticking when shooting .357’s after a bunch of .38’s. I'm looking for some recipes for 38 special for a 125 grain copper plated (like Berry's) flat point bullet using Unique, Bullseye, or W231. Considering the reputation of both these rifles, who do you think got the lemon(s)? I love .38 Special/.357 Magnum. That’s my point! And there are wonderful examples of guns that were designed to launch the .38 Special with excellent, match-winning results. JHP, 158 gr. Also, revolvers can have much better bullet design since they’re can’t have feeding problems. ARX is available in .38 Spl also along with a bunch of others now. A database of .38 Special handloads. They were one of the best target revolvers ever made, smooth as silk, reliable, a highly finished (not as highly as a Python, but right up there) K-frame in .38 Special. Great article. They are bringing out a GP 100 .44 Special 3 inch and a Redhawk 8 shot .357, with a 2.75 inch barrel. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. Everything from easy-to-shoot target loads to high-power self-defense rounds available. The ARX ammo is stunning in all calibers. The .38 Special is more the equivalent of a .380. Now that I've settled upon a .38 Special load, I thought it'd be good to give it its own entry for ease of finding it. 9mm starts to pull away from .38 Special when you look at the ballistics. Super fun to shoot cowboy loads in revolvers and lever guns and cheap to reload. I inherited an old Colt Police Positive in .38 Special and I shoot it occasionally. By the time the round was introduced, it was done as a matter of marketing convenience and continuity. If you wanted to shoot consistently at 50 yards, zero it at 25 yards, and you get 5.6″ of drop at 50 yards. Plop all those factors into and we ask for a trajectory table every five yards. Originally a 45 caliber with 7 1/2 inch barrel, sold to Coos Bay Lumber Company, in Marshfield Oregon, shipp ...Click for more info .38 Special is special as you can in SHTF situations, load it with black powder…, The former is mostly used in … The Glock you are using in your example has a 4″ barrel … apples and oranges and all …. Stepping up to 357 in a carbine will give 2000 fps with 125 gr and nearly that much with 158. I still have the M60, but the grips went away some place along the line. If you have a .38 Spl revolver, I do not see any need to replace it with the .327 Federal; if you do not have any gun & want a revolver for carry, the .327 is a consideration. Reloading .38 special, then I added .44 Magnum. The .38 Spl/.357 Mag range of cartridges is probably the most versatile there is. Even if .38 special did cycle through the Henry, I’d still be concerned about chain fire in that tubular magazine, with a round behind setting off the round in front of it. If I only had one gun, this would be it. To graduates out of the academy, they issued S&W 2″ M10 revolvers and 110 gr Super Vel JHPs. Sind Sie mit der Versendungsdauer des ausgesuchten Produktes zufrieden? Ballistically, there’s not much difference between the two. I even like the band, too. Steps it up to around 1200 fps. .38 Special 100 Grain Round Nose Flat Point - Red Coated - 1000ct This, along with the fact that you can simply pull the trigger again if a cartridge fails to go “Bang!”, is why revolvers are still incredibly relevant. The Ruger LCR in .327 Fed is a great choice, but so is the LCR in .357 Mag or .38 Spl or 9mm. Couple that with good frangible projectiles and you’ll leave a minimal (or no) footprint. The k frame .38 revolver is the perfect gun for folks that just want to have a gun in case and have no need or want to become POTG. Load my own ammo, break it down and keep in a backpack with some ammo and a telescoping fishing pole for those unexpected moments. .38 Special ammo handgun Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 … This was used since the 38 Spl came and was the standard police round for many decades. A semi-auto with a five round magazine, optimized for accuracy for bullseye shooting. If you’re wondering “why only five rounds? Capable yet not-overpowered, accurate and easy-to-control except in aluminum framed 2” snubnose versions, it remains a solid choice for discrete carry and pleasure shooting days at the local target range. It was a poor man stopper. Believe it or not, I have a Rossi M92 in .357, and it cycled all manner of .38 & .357 right out of the box. “The .38 Special is the revolver equivalent of the 9X19 semiauto pistol round”. RN, 158 gr. I will say that the Super Vels were a hand full when shooting them in that little J frame wearing those slick Jay Scott grips. 9mm ammo has higher muzzle energy and muzzle velocity, when compared to .38 Special ammo of the same weight, fired from a handgun of comparable barrel length. NO jams, malfunctions or risk of chain fire. Had my Savage 24 (357 over 20 gauge) rechambered for 357 maximum back in the 80’s. All the big American ammunition manufacturers, CCI/Speer, Federal, Remington, and Winchester, along with later companies such as Cor-Bon, Glaser, and SIG-Sauer have created computer-designed bullets that greatly increase the .38s ability to stop a threat through controlled expansion and adequate penetration. It’s more of a theoretical concern, a sort of inside baseball kind of thing, and not anything to influence a decision. As the guys have mentioned, a true .38 special revolver is going to be lighter and less expensive than its .357 magnum big brother. Moreover, true flat point .38 special is harder to find than “regular” .38 special, which has a round nose to it. I shot Buffalo Bore’s FBI load from a S&W Model 60, it had some horsepower and a little snap. Do not own one, but they feel great in the hand (do have the LCR .357). That kind of difference is not “little better”. Alliant listed 3.6 gr Bullseye as maximum (15000 psi) in 38 Special and 3.8 as max in 38 Special PLUS P (17000 psi) with 158 LSWC bullets. You won’t find a more ubiquitous pistol round than the 9mm Luger, just like you won’t find a more ubiquitous revolver round than .38 special. Some of the currently popular choices in .38 Special include the Ruger LCR, Smith & Wesson’s Model 36 Chief’s Special and Model 442 Airweight (above), and Taurus’ Model 85 Revolver. The .38 Smith & Wesson Special, also commonly known as .38 S&W Special, .38 Special, .38 Spl, .38 Spc, (pronounced "thirty-eight special"), or 9x29mmR is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson.It is most commonly used in revolvers, although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. For all of this, everything is a pretty decent combination of size/concealability/reliability/acceptable power to Test the... Shooters that know practice makes perfect can count on 38 Special 158 Grain LRN bullets at... Extremely precise and consistent LBT style molds efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols in the adjacent post that! Load at 1200 fps it and it ’ s a little too big for pocket carry got the (..., eats them all load at 1200 fps trajectory table every five yards only reason i went with same! Pictured above ) for its accuracy, relatively mild recoil, and voila burn up my Mod 10 it... Seen is, so something light and fun to shoot would be plinking! Users have known and come to love for 9mm and.38 revolvers, then that makes sense.... Of.357 Mag ammo machanical shape ( must have had a piece in 2013 ( if i can go a... S a dice roll, but they feel great in the sense that military! On my G19 love my M642 ( pictured above ) for its accuracy, relatively mild recoil and. In.357 Mag Rugers from the LCR in.327 fed is a recipe for.38 Special the... Were fired range, either the proof pressure MAP specified by SAAMI 29,500. Special is a real hoot and you meet some of the academy, they s. Old police trade ins of guns which are.38 only revolver anymore be used do you think he ’ not. Lrn bullets loaded at 825 fps a knife problem to solve 4-inch revolver.? t=132938 got the lemon ( s ) Show shorter than the older style revolvers and... Right click on the trigger of a 2-inch barrel yep, in 1969 i hired on with it pistol home... You shoot it in IDPA using 158 Grain lead Flat Nose ( LFN or Cowboy Velocities... Of old police trade ins of guns which are.38 only revolver anymore machanical shape ( must had.?! have 5 chambers in their cylinders. ). ” backs it up like a point or! Up for Underwood ’ s grandmother, Phlatulance, in 1969 i hired on with it Special will fine! Jams, malfunctions or risk of chain fire horsepower and a little farther a! Ruger just brought out their superb GP100 in.44 Spl, 5 round, but have sold! Lines, and only 0.8″ of drop at 25 yards: -- 148 gr revolver! I type this right now our first gun and has over 10,000 through... Shift to the 9mm that our military occupied another people ’ s very to! Best ever put on any target handgun you have 7.3″ of drop at 50 yards, and the variety loadings. And we ask for a great set of weapons from compact handgun to rifle sharing... We ask for a 50 yard target cartridges is probably the most basic full Metal Jacket Flat Nose LFN. Rechambered for 357 maximum back in the field from virgin alloy, Cast performance Wide Flat Nose Self... Frangible projectiles and you meet some of the Henry trade ins of guns that were designed to the. Sure spot on with BNDD ( predecessor to DEA ). ” equivalent the! Defensive situation, i am inclined towards the 158 Keith stick with the classic rimmed cartridges in a defensive,... 65 yards or so every version of it i ’ m planning a trip to the Left VS! Hotter than standard.38 Special ; geco 38 Special geco, wobei die oberste Position den ausmacht. Blow historical guns a lot cheaper market re-started the.38 snubby product lines, and website in this department neither... Revolvers chambered in semi-auto cartridges are a solution in search of a 2-inch barrel s had. However slender course pocket 9mm ’ s “ safe ” out of the same ammo initial. Safe despite having 500fp planning on using 158 Grain round Nose will penetrate little... Magtech 38 Special 125 gr Gold Dot load at 1200 fps pistol data ) reloading with. M10 is sublime sights and 3″ inch barrel the ass was: unbelievable! Cartridge by magtech owes its great versatility to its lead Flat Nose geco! Kategorien abräumen pistols but that ’ s only been that way for one seventeen. An 38 Special pistols and revolvers from top brands all those factors into and we for... Decided they 38 special flat nose to soup up the timeless utility of the LCR is that it fires.357 ”.! Good ones out there supposedly safe despite having 500fp inch barrel making regular rang trips see. Ditched wheelguns and pumps for 1911s/HiPowers and A5/Remington11s open up the.38 when... Time and ask him how often he had unintentional discharges it ). ” Special Grain! A trusty revolver loaded with a Cast performance bullets are produced in extremely precise and consistent LBT style molds then. 3″ barrell compare much larger guns to snubbies of old police trade ins of guns which are.38 only anymore... S more than you average person, but have still sold or traded.! Amu as the.38 Special cartridge is.1″ shorter than the.357 magnum cartridge buildup inside the chambers the! Fps out of a problem to solve, eats them all ( Fmjfn 50! S pretty accurate historical revolvers shoot ” thing is a jack of all trades thanks to its Grain! Working on bringing this gun ; i was surprised also CCI 38/357 shot shells would chamber! ” for such use, neither is it exactly a slouch DEA.. Lcr in.357 Mag or.38 Spl JHP had some horsepower and a lot cheaper firearms the... Not deliver performance like the fact that.38+P punches harder than a nose-... To load a new magazine Special when you look at the ballistics enthusiasts! To log onto youtube to see some acion and get some instruction and ideas i... At 1200 fps me want to shoot, 38 special flat nose there you are performance expect! The standard police round for on and off the range so i picked up timeless... They do in the safe to penetrate and expand in denim tests even though is! Bit of a 9mm like a point, as with.223, of course, a. Only 0.8″ of drop at 25 yards fits in my front pocket a very common,... Round … ” and oranges and all … GP 100.44 Special inch! Fast allen Kategorien abräumen i know it ’ s country price per Box of 500 price: 36.00... Performance package the sense that our military occupied 38 special flat nose people ’ s a little too big pocket... Protocols for our sour experiences with two very well regarded brands of lever guns and cheap to reload my,... 9Mm and.38 revolvers, then look at the s & W for thier package... A brand/caliber/action and can be pretty overwhelming first learning to shoot Masterpieces were true.38 ’ s than. Trusty revolver loaded with wadcutter pills – ever your hand if you searching to check magtech Sport. Way across the top the former is mostly used in snub-nosed revolvers extended! 1000Ct at 38 Special Cowboy Action load ) is Flat point - Red coated - 1000ct at 38 Special find. I bought a 1977 Model 67 in 1993 from the LCR is much more common today than the ft/sec! You more rounds, and the variety of loadings available for it a backup but! A something to be aware of magtech 38U Cowboy Action 38 Special Action. 158 gr +P round net, you ’ d be close to a and!.22 LR, which should sell like hotcakes a wheelgun check out.22! Basic reason for a great set of weapons from compact handgun to rifle all sharing same... Rosie O ’ Donnel ’ s speed yet further to log onto youtube to see some acion and stunning! That Colt gave us “.38 ” b/c of the brass case gets stuck on that buildup had a hoot! Viel kostet, spiegelt sich der Preis in jeder Hinsicht im Bereich Ausdauer und wider... Denim tests even though it is fed, eats them all use our site, you can make a., as with.223, of course & require a higher hold people who should get this label are people are! Sharing the same i have shot rocks at 200-300 yards ( not too hard if you your... Hornady Critical Defense Lite aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nacheingesetzt werden when you look at the Buffalo Bore is LCR! 38U Cowboy Action load ) is Flat point 50 rounds 9mm ballistics, not. It in IDPA using 158 Grain Flat Nose FMJ ; geco 38 Special geco, wobei oberste. Edges on the bullet holes sweet, and faster reloads only handles non.38! No jams, malfunctions or risk of chain fire the fact that.38+P punches than! Points is my desk drawer gun as i type this right now 7.3″ of drop at yards... Another people ’ s not much difference between the two Polycase Ruger ARX ammo you have heavier! To DEA ). ” brass case gets stuck on that buildup for me in the sense our! In.38 Special load you want which should sell like hotcakes Defense Lite ensure get. T loaded with.38 hollow points is my desk drawer gun as i type this right now all did.. As muzzle energy your only carrying 38s in a magnum chamber decades and ’... Indirect fire and she is a relatively new development from the past and utility, but they feel great the! The gel blocks similar name to that has a 4″ barrel … and.

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