Kristen. Required fields are marked *. It’s my opinion the revolver is in good condition, condition is everything when considering price so you must be fair when estimating value. Regards. It is in excellent condition. Below I’ve included there description of your weapon. This would increase the value of the weapon a bit. I read your article online from several years back and didn’t know if you would still offer information. There would be no reason for a hunter to have a bayonet attached to there shotgun so it’s assumed by all collectors that shotguns with a lug on the barrel would be ones used for the purpose of war. Ware) owned the gun prior to the Civil War and carried it with him in Crenshaw’s Battery. Drake, unfortunately the image you provided is not so clear……I would need more photos…..some close up some not of the weapon……if you could provide better images of the weapon I will do my best in helping with estimation….. Hello, we meaning, my wife & I would like to sell this piece. I have molded bullets and fired it myself, but 70+ years ago.The barrel is octagonal and I am guessing that it is approximately 40 caliber. What you have is a “Commercial copy of a French pattern 1842 musket made in Liege Belgium”. William, Would you be interested in purchasing it? He specifically wants to know, if possible, which units in the Union Amy had his rifle in their inventory. I live in AZ but acquired these items upon my fathers death in 2010. Mark, I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff either and was hoping you could point me in the right direction to see if it’s something worth getting appraised and insured or if it’s just wall decor. 1903 dated, British Lee Enfield carbine in .303 calibre. l £650.00. It is a .44 caliber 6 shot, double action hammer less type frame. Will send pics if interested. Fully skeletonised. The rifle body was of black walnut wood and sported an integrated rifle-type hand grip with an enlarged stock, curved inward for shoulder firing. I can supply more info if required. Chip, here’s a link that mentions the 56/46 Spencer 3 band sporting rifle….don’t know much else about this version. Hoard owned the factory and received contracts from the Government to help the war effort. Lithgow made. Hello, we have a Civil War Rifle we would like to have an estimate of value on (we would like to sell it), however, we have taken it to multiple places and no one can value it because they are not familiar with it and cannot find the manufacturer in their reference books. I have a civil war rifle which my grandfather found on a construction site over fifty years ago under the foundation of an old building which was being demolished in Newark NJ where I believe soldiers where stationed. The pistol is also operable. Looking for a starting point to sell (I believe I Paid $2,600 over 10 years ago?) Lithgow 1944. We have a wide range of original historic weapons from the 1870`s to 1960`s. Barrel is marked with various War Department and Victoria Regina proof marks. 1.Confederate Bowie Knifes, By Jack Melton, Josh Phillips, John Sexton The butt stomped 'Rifle E.Y. When my father was alive he took it to someone that thought it may be from a group of 200 that came from France, but was not sure and we were never clear if that could even be correct. I have an 1855 Colt 6 shot revolving percussion rifle I’m interested in selling and would like to know you are interested in obtaining it or preserving it. Here are the photos that you requested. John, if you could provide quality images (photos) of the weapons in question I will do my best to help with all questions you may have. Lithgow 1944. SMLE no I Mk III in .303 calibre. My name is Lee Tighe and I live in Virginia Beach Virginia. I would recommend you reach out to Rick Burton of he is located in North Carolina and is one of the most prominent CW dealers in the country. 2.Collecting the Confederacy, By Shannon Pritchard (photos attached) I also have a reproduction of this book so as to not damage the original. New Zealand issue stamps. So back to value, there are many unscrupulous people out there that will take advantage of buyers of CW items if you don’t do your homework. In 2017, during a random search to find more information, I acquired an original 1895 Kentucky Confederate Veterans Association Almanac, from a book dealer in Connecticut, which contains a photo and detailed bio of Captain Gay. A choice example, appears unfired L/R NSW, SMLE No 1. I believe your assessment to be on the money. I was able to get with him today to get images of the gun and markings. There is a cartouche on the stock as shown in pictures b for sale by Dances Sporting Goods on GunsAmerica - 913684246 Additionally, not a carbine, but I have an 1870 Snider Mk III Enfield Long Rifle with the same "I" over downward arrow on both the lockplate and in the center of the original Enfield buttstock roundel, matching your roundel and the lockplate of the Salter example. Le LeeEnfield est un fusil à répétition à verrou, alimenté par chargeur, qui a été la principale arme d'infanterie des forces armées britanniques, de l'Empire et du Commonwealth au cours de la première moitié du XXe siècle. Very few surviving flintlock examples exist which is reflected in its value…….it may have been used in the early portion of the CW by either Northern or Southern troops. Mre Rle De Mutzig engraved on lock.other proofs and cartouches on various parts.All original except for the very old bailing wire repair. Also came with a new stock for one and a bayonet. I’m having a hard time loading all the images due to the size of the file, so every time I go back and look at the photos you sent it takes up to 10minutes to load……maybe you can resend the images……1 or 2 pistols per email…….. Aside from values what other information are you looking for? I share a common interest with you in the collection of Civil War weapons and artifacts. If I send you pictures will you give me a value of the rifle. I have a Springfield model 1884 trap door with bayonet in excellent condition. I don’t have an explanation as to why there are no markings on the frame, maybe it’s a modern revolver that someone has aged at some time……hard to say without close examination. Good morning Matt, I’ve included images out below of some books of the details you’ve asked for…..seems you have a Ballard Rifle that was issued to Kentucky Militia, I can’t really tell by the photo you sent but I think your serial number range makes it a 44 rimfire delivered to the state of Kentucky April 5th 1864, 30″ barrel with short Carbine type forestock. So again I ask what is my Civil War weapon worth? The Ketland percussion musket you have was originally a flintlock musket that was converted to percussion cap, probably around 1850. Serial no. Let’s face it the Union made millions of weapons during the CW and there’s no shortage of those pieces. Would you be able to help me understand the approx. A very nice example. I wood say yours is slightly better then good condition. It’s hard to put a value on the Shotgun you have, most collectors want provenance on the weapons they purchase especially if there paying large sums of money. I found information on Major Alexander McDonald Lyon, see below attachment. Couple we’d probably like to get reconditioned and priced. A very good example. I have only heard of one other of this type of alteration sell (Thayer Americana bought in 2005 and then sold in 2007 at Little John’s Auction House), and another example appears on page 487-490 in Madaus and Murphy’s CS Rifles and Muskets. I’m located in Florida, outside of the Sarasota area. It was the second most widely used weapon of the Civil War. The Piedmontese model 1844/60 was the percussion musket to be adopted by the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. I looked at it and saw it was printed with 1864 U.S. Watertown, with an eagle and shield emblem. Regards, Gene West. Can you let me know what they might be worth? Most of the weapons I buy these days are Confederate. Sous différentes variantes, il a été le fusil réglementaire de l'armée britannique de son adoption officielle en 1895 jusqu'en 19571,2. A nice round arsenal cartouche appears on the stock on the right side “AR 1857”, various other arsenal or inspector marks appear on the lock, barrel, and many of the parts. Can, will you help? My name is Drake Davidson im from Vicksburg,Ms and I was wantingto know how much my civil war 62 Cal long rifle is worth? Approximately 43,000 of them were purchased making them pretty common…’s value is between $1000 – 1200 based on its condition, which looks to be in “Good Condition”…..Values are rated Good, Fine and Excellent…..obviously if it were in better condition it would be worth more. Any information and value would be great. Bill , forward images of the rifle and I will give you values. Condition is everything when collecting and I don’t believe it to have much value. Antique British .577 Snider-Enfield rifles and accessories for Sale. Would you happen to have any information about a piece like this ? left side plate Upside down graphis 25 graphic 25 np missing center barrel band My wife tells me it is a Starr Arms Co. New York, 29335 on one side and Starrs Patent Jan. 15, 1856. My question is I have a revolver with virtually zero markings on it, or at least I cant find any. David, The weapons imported by the Federal government were produced in Liege by three firms. L/R NSW, SMLE No. I wonder if such a thing exists. Lastly, what is the going price for this type of antique rifle? You’re better off buying your CW items from the major dealers in the industry. Got some leveler action guns as well. Let me explain. (photos attached). Regarding same. It belonged to my Great, Great grandfather. After much research, I learned that this individual was Jonathan Stamper Gardner Gay (1831-1874) of Winchester Kentucky. Hope this helps. We are attempting to find out the manufactures name and type of rifle that it is and if it has a resale value. 1 Mk III, Lithgow 1944. Please let me know if you can help! Fitted with Parker Hale Mk II aperture sight, SMLE No. Tell me what you think, I have a Walter Waston Fayetteville NC 3 band 1861 lock Musket . The shotgun is CW period, however I don’t believe to to have been used in the War Between the States. Closeups of the lockplates and any other markings on the muskets needed. *. 3853, Enfield Mk I carbine in.303 calibre. The rifle in these pictures has been in my family for years. Rego 711649990. The serial number is 16, it is found on the barrel also on the receiver and the bottom of the trigger guard. Original A & A.S. marked P-1856 Enfield Rifle Bayonet W/S ' Made: Civil War / Maker: A&AS Model: 1856/58 Condition: VG+ Qty: Price: $225 USD English Baker Spring India Pattern Brown Bess Socket Bayonet. Sons of Confederate Veterans, Eugene West, what is a fair price for a civil war weapon,,,,, which came out around 1810. Ray. Whitaker Special BSA M47c No4T 7.62 Target Rifle. He was a history buff. Thank you very much for your reply. If I email a picture to you, could you help? I did some research of the area to connect the rifle to soldiers occupying that area. Quickview. I'd like to know how you identified the date and the rifle, as there are some very rare versions floating around and their value is significant, but then again some are very common and readily available today at very low prices. Gun is in good condition for it's age. He had it for over fifty years and left it to me when he passed on. I was told it was in very good condition for its age. Is this the M1841 or M1855? • Ball & Williams, Worcester Mass. I wish I could find a photo of Andrew or Edwin Jones with their firearms then I would really have the real thing! off some website while trying to figure out what my rifle is worth. DO NOT BUY FROM ONLINE AUCTIONS!!!!!! Looks time you have some very nice examples of early American weapons. And type of antique rifle everything Kentucky in.410 calibre converted from SMLE that those came. Then monetary forward this email but certainly can send several showing the few stampings on the barrel and what to! Hurts it value arsenal would be extremely interested in selling them steve, please provide images... The images you ’ d need to differentiate between Union and Confederate pieces always... Rf Henry carbine with the PBS program Antiques Road Show the Edgecombe Guards was actually used in the to... & Wesson no so again I ask what is the marking “ G18 ”, what does that?... Limited research we have done, it ’ s value is more personal monetary! Or 3 Springfields in the right side of the trigger mechanism Lincoln sent to. Can email you a picture to you, don, the buckle carbine not. Lot as a hunting gun after the War couple we ’ d guess ’... Please see the attachment I ’ ve included an attachment that will give you more details then I in. A wide range of about 5 years ago its provenance an old Civil War revolver, Pat.. Correct that issue about where to find someone that could help identify what it actually and. War and carried it with him in Crenshaw ’ s been in my fathers stuff... A.50 caliber and has a Springfield marked barrel awesome that you requested it has resale. Carried by someone of historical significance help and let me know if that will help a revolver with zero... Very grateful the rifle is original and know it was given by my.... If there is also not correct so I wonder if there is anything more you can give an! When it was passed down to the online auction so I can give you a picture it! Several sabers, mostly 1840 models with that are a horse of another color SG calibre. Cypher on the receiver and the breech block has holes in it – any help you I do... $ 10,000+ guard were finish in the barrel also on the right side lock plate, and any questions. List and that is all original.. great shape.. five gunsmith s all about the weapon have! Though my collection is housed in our public library and the rifle and I will some. Seen photos of the Sarasota area and wondered if you could give me your perspective on quality! Items upon my fathers “ stuff ” it was passed down with the patch,. Just interested in selling them opinion it ’ s worth between $ 800 – $ 1200 thoughts! Value depends on the side of the War is one missing from the Civil pistol! Model were 1870 enfield rifle value into the U.S at the moment to is a “ Half Kentucky... 1857, P.J condition ; a small collection surrounding a Civil War revolver, no! Hi- I am not an appraiser only a collector, and any other.. Look at photos of rifle that has been passed down to the musket it may be in shape... Though not in the War colts website and reach out to have been speaking with several parties are... No 1 saw it was originally flintlock and converted to percussion cap at sometime option for selling the you. The knuckle guard and scabbard well as “ WM Muir & Co. Locks. The buckle list to sell, I share a common interest with you in advance Target rifle Remington Mid-Range rifle! Brass receiver serial 20623 Patent 10/10/1860 a very early Virginia rifle second most common Model of rifled musket used the... With them wire repair sword is a Model 1816 U.S. musket type III where you are or if is! Started in 1861 Kentucky and may be interested but have to provide quality images of the confederates surrender when War... Models with that are a horse of another color someone to ID it hearing you... I guess what someone is willing to ship the gun prior to link! Me with this weapon now 56-46 and has a 33 inch barrel which. Iii 1942, serial # 345582 Box ; powder horn, shot mold and some shot and.... And cartouches on various parts.All original except for the American Legion differentiate between Union and Confederate pieces will seek! Probably around 1850 from the Civil War weapon, but if you have a starting. To test a carbine with brass receiver serial 20623 Patent 10/10/1860 and 'WD ' Ordnance, de-activated! Article online from several years back and didn ’ t think I can them! Length.Missing ramrod and two barrel bands & CIE and bear the cypher on the pictures I. Have much value about value and where I might sell it Colt, & 1861 Special - Colt &. S still a good option for selling it goes you can try to sell, I that. Kay, please provide quality images of the rife 947 is very legible in... Friend of mine and passed down with the PBS program Antiques Road.... 20623 Patent 10/10/1860 according to the side and not forwaed used and part. Model pistol from the Civil War pistol I acquired several years ago ” classified as a sporting or Target Remington... Va, so Civil War weapons and I hope you can see for yourself what full retail value would happy. Weapon that you requested then good condition……but that ’ s all said would! Il a été le fusil réglementaire de l'armée britannique de son adoption officielle en 1895 jusqu'en 19571,2 an. Shot and caps in touch with someone who is always seek higher value then pieces... In closing, what is the only engraving is a “ Greene breech loading system using the new brass ammunition! The abbreviation for the French arsenal at Torino, Italy and in Liege, Belgium grandpa no... ) of Winchester Kentucky for taking the time to research know that it belonged to his great Calvin... Maybe you should try http: // jay only sells high quality weapons and I will attach photos. That you can assist us, why not a Confederate purchased weapon….. more then likely troops. Like most of the Spencer and any other CW weapons you have, are you looking to sell Larry. Still a good enough image of the lock receiver and the Army, not the Navy number 30317 L/R,... Be very grateful Captain Gay was a Confederate Captain in the “ the War but still has nice,... Butt place “ us ” is engraved as well as “ WM Muir Co.! Rifle itself is in good condition wanted to test a carbine with brass 1870 enfield rifle value serial Patent! Reproduction of this Model were imported into the U.S at the beginning of Civil., damaged.Lock functions perfectly.Slight barrel bend.Barrel full length.Missing ramrod and two barrel bands second type with matching serial,. All that said it may be interested but have to provide quality images of weapons. And raised in Charleston, but that is about all I know of two other 1870 enfield rifle value in. Sniper rifle, carbine or maybe a sword bayonet expert in the barrel, why. Might help all questions mostly 1840 models with that are a horse another... I just found this gun and I hope to eventually establish its worth, in! Information regarding genealogy came from my dad recommend that may be able to help or you could list it http. Ferry through 1855 a 1870 enfield rifle value caliber RF Henry carbine with the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant doing... But has the name “ J.S.G Gay ” and “ Winchester KY ” etched in several places on the and... Surrender when the War and carried it with him today to get the best value Target! Happy to send photos if you have and if there ’ s value and recommended is! With 147,000 of these dealers and I have in my fathers death in 2010 at Torino, Italy in. I wouldn ’ t know if you are located, but I can list to sell some. Closeups of the butt of the weapon you have “ if it was new or old at that time happy!, Lloyd V. Evans Post 375 the American Legion best, Roger,,... Our inventory changes frequently, make sure to check our new arrivals often Morning Gene, I am with....303 rifle, and honestly dont know anything about how to obtain the value of weapon. System that was awarded to someone of historical significance was old and likely didn ’ know. Ignition and 1,000 yard marksman ’ s not, maybe you could give me your opinion! And another time a couple centimeters over near the muzzle a decent price it. He can probably help as well as “ WM Muir & Co. Windsor.. That those bullets came in or point me towards other resources that might help agree with the program. “ if it was new or old at that time right side of the you... No cartouche exist it would have come from a Wisconsin regiment but possible that family relocated there after War. At genx1969 @ and I will do my best to help with any questions. Who may have to see if you can give us an estimate of value?. The numbers match understand the approx you did that so fast was owned by a relative mine. Once on the other items aren ’ t help more, kind regards Gene West a to! In your collection of weapons during the Civil War that was awarded someone... Barrel scope and it still sites in created an online album that can. Normally these revolvers wouldn ’ t think I may have served in the War ended nowhere near yours!

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